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For over 12 years Noble Trust has provided professional financial services to clients from various countries; financial institutions, high net worth individuals and Noble Solutions continues its trend of implementing innovative technology with a service orientated approach, continuing to provide for their business needs.

Noble Trust

Here at Noble Trust we strive to meet all your business needs. Noble Trust provides a refreshing alternative to conventional management companies. Our divergence from the norm is inspired by our recognition of the current trend towards change. We acknowledge our clients increasing need for substance and from, and welcome an opportunity to offer a truly comprehensive approach to the trust environment. We use a network of companies and the highest technological advancements to satisfy the demands of modern international investments.

Noble Trust establishes, manages and maintains various structures such as royalty, finance and holding companies. For years we have specialized in managing Dutch companies as part of our international clients' global organizations. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing excellent services for all our clientele, individuals and large corporate entities alike. As you know, international tax planning and structure has developed substantially over the past decade. The resulting reform has been driven by tax authorities and international organizations. In this face of this pressure to change, simple international structures must evolve to become a fully integrated part of overall business operation.

By outsourcing a range of facilities we can tailor our services precisely to every client's individual requirements. Each sub-contractual company is focused on a specific aspect of an all-inclusive management concept. Our awareness of our customer's essential criteria, gained through a decade of experience, is apparent at every level of organization. In order to offer customers an efficient and cost effective service, Noble Trust works closely with a number of key firms around the world. The emphasis on quality and flexibility, coupled with an extensive network of international relationships, ensures that Noble Trust is well placed to serve the demands of the market.

Not only do we offer a wide selection of services to add substance to your company, we also use the latest technology and most advanced communication systems to further enable you to excel in the modern international business world. Our unique online database, Cygnet, allows you to access the crucial information anytime, anywhere. In today's 24-hour business environment we can give you the power of infinite access.

At Noble Trust, we look after your company as expertly as your own.


The Netherlands

Is one of the most stable European countries and is also a full member (and one of the co-founders) of the European Union. For years the Netherlands has been considered one of the main European tax havens with extensive tax treaty network. Recent changes in the law have put the fiduciary industry under stricter control further increasing the integrity of the jurisdiction.

  • Licensing of Dutch fiduciaries in and the implementation of 'anti money laundering laws which have improved the integrity of the fiduciary industry
  • Extensive tax treat network providing relief from double taxation
  • Low withholding tax rates and reduced rates with the Netherlands Antilles
  • Participation exemptions (tax) for holding companies
  • Reduced rate or no withholding tax on royalties
  • Tax rulings with Dutch revenue authorities may provide more certainty in tax planning


is situated in the strategic heart of the Mediterranean, within easy reach of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is an independent republic, a full member of the European Union and of the Commonwealth and has its own combined civil and common law based system while also being subject to all EU Directives.

  • As a full Member State of the European Union and part of the Eurozone, Malta has all the advantages of an EU jurisdiction
  • Malta has a robust yet flexible legal and regulatory framework, with all company law and regulations published in English
  • Comprehensive financial legislation catering for the regulation of hedge funds, investment services providers, banking and financial institutions, and retail and captive insurance business
  • Malta has double taxation treaties with over 50 countries including most EU and OECD member states
  • Entitlement of non-resident persons to various levels of tax refunds, based on Malta's full imputation tax system
  • No Maltese withholding tax applied on the distribution of dividends to shareholders of Maltese companies



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